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Domestic Violence

We offer a unique approach to domestic violence counseling, As a leader in the counseling field, Shepherd’s RCS Inc. offers comprehensive domestic violence counseling with a unique approach for both survivors and abusers.


With over 11 years of experience and a staff of trained professionals, you can trust that you're taking the right first step towards improving your life.

Programs for both abusers and survivors

  • We offer a 16-week anger management program that specifically relates to domestic abuse. This unique program is aimed towards helping abusers find better ways to process and resolve anger and negative feelings. 

  • We also have a 32-week counseling program, the Stop Domestic Violence Program which builds individual skills, techniques, options and plans for better, stronger, and healthier relationships.


Court-ordered services

Shepherd’s RCS Inc. is able to provide various services for individuals court-ordered to receive them. Our skilled psychologists have had repeated success in improving the lives of individuals who would otherwise have gone to jail.

Call us today for more information about court ordered domestic violence, anger management, and substance abuse counseling.





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