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Our Mission

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Our Values


Shephered’s RCS Mission​ Is Restoring Families and Breaking the Circles of Addictions.

At Shephered’s RCS we believe that…… 

Addiction is Treatable!

Substance addiction is a multifaceted and treatable disorder that exerts an impact on brain functionality, behavior, and overall lifestyle. The compulsive use of a substance characterizes this chronic condition despite its adverse consequences. It affects individuals from all social classes and can have far-reaching implications for their health, finances, and social relationships. Nevertheless, effective treatment options are available to manage this condition and help individuals regain control over their lives.

Addiction wipes out Families!

Addiction is an individual disease, and if untreated, it becomes a family disease and a generational disease that could lead to fatal deaths. Or (Addiction is not only an individual disease, but also a family and generational disease that can lead to fatal consequences if left untreated)

You can surely Recover!

Recovering from addiction or mental health/substance abuse struggles is a difficult journey, but with the right treatment and support system in place, it is possible to overcome these challenges. Everyone needs to have access to the resources they need, including the love and care of their family and friends, as this can make a significant difference in their path to healing.

We can help you break Free!

Our treatment encourages clients and their families to accept their disease, seek treatment available, and embrace a drug-free lifestyle. Our evidence-based treatment approach utilizes a combination of psychotherapy, medication-assisted treatment, and family involvement to facilitate acceptance of the diagnosis and encourage commitment to a drug-free lifestyle.

Passion to help our patients recover!

Our services have a recovery-oriented approach that prioritizes family involvement and cultural competence. We also consider the impact of trauma and the importance of addressing co-occurring disorders. Our approach is mindful of gender differences and strives to provide services that accommodate diverse needs.

Tackling Addiction at its Core!

Effective treatment should address the individual needs of the client, going beyond substance abuse treatment alone. Our approach involves identifying and addressing the underlying issues that contribute to addiction, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care.

Unique and Specialized Treatment!

Integrated and personalized treatment programs are at the core of a client-centered approach to addiction treatment. We understand that addiction affects not only the physical body but also the emotional, social, mental, and spiritual well-being of our clients.


Our addiction treatment programs are built on the Recovery Model and have been proven to be both attainable and effective, providing a comprehensive and individualized approach to recovery.

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