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Our Mission

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Our Values


Shephered’s RCS Mission​ Is Restoring Families and Breaking the Circles of Addictions.

At Shephered’s RCS we believe that…… 

Addiction is Treatable!

Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function, behavior and the entire way of life.

Addiction wipes out Families!

Addiction is an individual disease, and if untreated becomes a family disease and becomes a generational disease that could lead to fatal deaths.

You can surely Recover!

Recovery is attainable, if treatment is readily available, and all the resources are harnessed to the benefits of the clients and family.

We can help you break Free!

Our treatment encourages clients and their families to accept their disease, seek treatment available, and embrace a drug free lifestyle.

Passion to help our patients recover!

Providing recovery oriented, family focused, culturally competent, trauma informed, gender mindful, and co-occurring capable services is our passion.

Tackling Addiction at it's Core!

Effective treatment attends to client’s multiple needs not just the drug and alcohol issues. We address other underlining issues leading to addiction.

Unique and Specialized Treatment!

Integrated and personalized treatment programs are important in-client centered approach.The recovery Model of Addiction treatment program is attainable and effective.

Our programs are designated to focus on the multiple needs (physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual of the clients.

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