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Substance Abuse


We can help you transition to a drug-free life!

Shepherd's RCS Inc. provides all the resources necessary for your self-improvement journey! Our substance abuse program holds certification from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and our accomplished psychologists bring over 7 years of expertise in assisting individuals like yourself.

Substance abuse counseling services

·    Group counseling services

·    Individual counseling services

·    Case management

·    Family counseling

·    Home-based services

·    Information and referral

·    Prevention program for substance abuse

·    Anger management for substance abuse

·    Educational classes for substance abuse

·    Relapse prevention services

·    Court-ordered substance abuse counseling

DUI assessment, referrals, advocacy, and linkage

As a certified DUI assessment center, we take pride in offering crucial referral services to individuals convicted of DUIs post provisional services. Moreover, we consistently provide reliable referrals for those in recovery who are seeking housing or additional social benefits.

Our unwavering dedication lies in being a valuable resource for advocacy and information. We are confident in our ability to assist you in leading a healthier and more wholesome life, and we are committed to delivering the best possible service to you!

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